This multi-skilled comprehensive Assistant Guiding course was developed by the Professional Association of Wilderness Guides and Instructors (PAWGI) and is geared towards individuals wishing to be introduced to a career as Wilderness Guides in the growing adventure tourism field, as well as outdoor enthusiasts wishing to gain wilderness knowledge. It has a Strong emphasis on Canadian and Alaskan environments and prepares students with the required knowledge to prepare them for the WGGE exam.

The Certified Assistant Guide course, delivered entirely online, teaches individuals wishing to be introduced to a career in the ecotourism field the fundamentals of  wilderness guiding. This course is also recommended to outdoor enthusiasts wishing to gain more in depth wilderness knowledge.The version of this course focuses on environments north of  the 45th parallel, and more specifically, Scandinavia.

This online course is designed for PAWGI Certified Specialized Guides wishing to seek certification as PAWGI Certified Wilderness Instructors, and thus, teach all levels of professional PAWGI courses up to Certified Specialized Guides.